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TSE Cancellation Policy

* No shows or same-day cancellations that are less than 4 hours of your appointment time,  50%  of the service will be charged to reschedule.  For Gift Certificates, 50% of the service value will be redeemed. For Packages 50% of a single service value, at its regular price, will be redeemed.
* Complimentary services: No shows or same-day cancellations that are less than 4 hours of your appointment time, to re-book there will be a $25 Consultation fee.

* Services that require a Credit card hold to book the service ( such as longer services or multiple services, or any other reasons we would've taken a credit card hold) that are not canceled within 4 hours will be charged 50% on all services booked.
* Services longer than 2 hours or services booked for multiple persons that amount to longer than 2 hrs, will require a credit card to book the appointment. If you book online you will receive a phone call for credit card authorization to hold your appointment time. Your credit card will not be charged and you may pay in another method at the time of your appointment. Charges on your credit card will only occur based on the cancellation policy above.

Laser Package Policy

Laser Hair Removal Appt cannot be canceled with less than 24h notice

Cancellations Fees are $35 and they are mandatory if you confirmed your appt and didn’t show up. You are not going to be able to schedule your next treatment without the cancellation of this fee. 

Laser Services with financing option require a Credit card hold to book the service we would've taken a credit card hold for appts that are not canceled within 4 hours will be charged a cancellation fee of $35 and the packages payments and we agree upon whether you come to your scheduled appt or not.

When you confirmed your appt is considered done if you don’t show up to your appt for any reason, that appt is considered “done” and you will have to reschedule for the next following month.

If you buy a package of 6 monthly sessions, failing to comply with the frequency of your sessions might result in ineffective laser treatment. 

You need to come to your appt completely shaved, if you don’t have the time to shave the technician can help you with that if you let her know before your appt. 
The shaving fee is $25 per area.

If you reschedule more than twice in the same month you’ll be rescheduled for the next following month. 

The laser treatment required you to wear a robe and protective goggles at all times, failing to comply with these rules will result in the cancellation of your package and any future appts. We use a high-intensity laser beam that can harm your eyes in a second without the proper care.

All Packages purchased are not redeemable for cash, are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

Skin Element LLC FAQ’s*

* ARRIVAL: Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. New clients will have a form to fill out and a consultation will be done before starting your service. This is factored into your appointment time so that you do not have to arrive earlier. Arriving early will not guarantee your service will start before your scheduled appointment time. Please call ahead to check if your service can be started before the scheduled time. 
* SICKNESS AND ALLERGIES: If you show up for an appointment and are sick or getting over a sickness, or show signs of severe allergies, this includes but is not limited to coughing, sneezing, and congestion, you will be refused service and will be charged to re-book an appointment. 
* *NOTE: It is not advised that someone with severe allergies get a facial at that time, as the skin can be more reactive and sensitive to products used in treatments
* ROBE: are provided for your convenience. 
* LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS: Skin Element LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep all personal items with you. 
* CELL PHONES: Please leave cell phones on silent or vibrate so as not to disturb your service.
* LATE ARRIVAL: We understand that it can be difficult at times to arrive on time for appointments. Please call and let us know if you will be late. We will try our best to accommodate you; however, out of respect for other clients’ time, we cannot guarantee the full-service time if you are late. We will do what we can in the time allowed.
* CONSULTATIONS: Consultations are always done before starting your Facial. Enough time is added to do a Facial after consultation. There may not be time for additional services with a Facial, depending on time and the services being requested during your consultation.
* PRODUCT RETURN POLICY:   No Returns or exchanges however is there something wrong with your product it must be returned within 2 weeks, with the full value returned in the form of an exchange for a product or products better suited to your skin. Products must be in original packaging, It is at the discretion of the Spa as to the exchange of used products and their exchange value. All returns must show receipt of purchase if the Spa is not aware of the client’s product purchase.  Please call or email the Spa immediately, if you have any concerns or issues with the products you purchased so that the Spa can address any product issues quickly. Please call or email the Spa if you can not return a product within 2 weeks.
* GIFT CERTIFICATES: Expiration is 1 year from the purchase date.  Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and are nonrefundable. Gift Certificates and Gift Cards must be present at the time of service.
* PACKAGES: All Packages purchased are not redeemable for cash, are non-refundable and are non-transferable. Packages must be used by the expiration. 
* PAYMENTS: We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept personal checks. Cash is accepted but you must have exact change. The Spa does not have a cash drawer and will not provide change.
* GRATUITY: Gratuity is not included. Tips are appreciated but not expected.
* GUEST: must be at least 18 years old to receive spa services.
* TREATMENT ROOM POLICY: Only the client receiving a service is allowed in the treatment room at the time of service. There are NO exceptions.
* WHEN RECEIVING SERVICES: The Skin Element wants you to relax, and enjoy your service. The Esthetician must be able to focus on your service and skincare needs. We prefer you to leave your child/ minor at home. This is for their safety as well as the safety of everyone in the treatment room.
* PLEASE NOTE: it is at The Skin Element's discretion to stop service or refuse service if the service provider feels unsafe, mistreated or harassed (verbally or physically) by a client, or if the service is not appropriate for the client, depending on the client's information provided at the time of consultation, medical history, injuries, or composition.

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