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About us

Located near to the Dolphin Mall, the Skin Element specializes in Handcrafted corrective facials. Our treatments are customized and unique to address every skin condition. Our aim is to guide and educate you to achieve your skin goals.


Our Commitment

At the Skin Element, we are devoted, skilled, and qualified professional Estheticians. All our employees own a long career in the field and are certified. For us, it is essential to offer the newest technology, well-proven treatment methods and professionally qualified personnel. We believe in continuous education to guarantee our clients results for every concern.

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Our Goal

Our main goal is to make people feel good.  Every treatment is customized to every particular client concern, that is why we are known for having a commitment further than the treatment room - to every customer.



Any treatment you decide at the Skin Element you can always feel safe. We are trained to follow the highest standards protocols to ensure our client's safety and protection. 

The Skin Element is a member of The Esthetics Association of Florida and certified by Associated Skin Care Professionals.

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