Hyaluronic Concentrate is a water-gel serum that treats your skin to deep hydration, providing both a plumping and smoothing effect with a satin finish. Formulated with a multi-layered blend of hyaluronic acids, BioMarine extract, skin-firming peptides and lentil extract, use daily for skin that looks and feels radiant.


How can I incorporate Hyaluronic Concentrate into my skincare routine?

Hyaluronic Concentrate can be incorporated as the serum step in your morning and evening routine, right after cleansing with Micellar Solution and before moisturizer and Eryfotona sunscreen.

Is Hyaluronic Concentrate suitable for all skin types?

Hyaluronic Concentrate has been clinically tested on a wide range of skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. It’s also non-comedogenic and mineral oil free.

What is the difference between Hyaluronic Concentrate and Hyaluronic Booster?

Both serums contain a blend of hyaluronic acids in their respective formulas. Hyaluronic Concentrate is a pump serum that provides deep hydration, skin smoothing and helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Booster is a serum-in-ampoule that provides hydration supported by a soothing and calming effect which helps reduce the feeling of dryness.

Isdinceutics Hyaluronic Concentrate - Lightweight hyaluronic acid serum